When can I apply for an apartment and when can I get in line?
Our leases are for approximately one year from June-June of every year. We start renting in November but you can turn in applications at ANY time. To get in line for an apartment you must turn in a FULL set of applications. Everyone in the group must have a completed application and a copy of the applicant's driver's license, a third party guarantor form and a copy of the guarantor’s driver’s license turned in before we will process the applications. The secuirty deposit will be required at lease signing.  Please see our “How to Rent” form for more information. Before you begin:Please always view the property you are interested in. It is customary in Isla Vista is to drive/walk by units, knock on doors to ask permission to view inside and after you see the unit submit your applications.We can set up showings with current tenants if you find no one is home, but we are required to give a 24 hour advanced notice. Please always respect the current tenants living at the unit you are wanting to view.

Is subletting allowed?
No, subletting is not allowed. The exception to the rule is if you, the tenant, will be studying abroad for any one quarter, you may sublet your spot with written consent of Dean Brunner Rentals.

Can I have my Fraternity or Sorority meetings at my apartment? 
No. Per Section 21(b) of the lease: "Absolutely no Fraternity or Sorority activities/meetings/parties/gatherings of any kind may occur in the Premises or upon the Property

Do you allow pets?
No, pets are not allowed. 

Who do I need to call to get utilities turned on?
There is a list of vendors and their phone numbers on our “Helpful Hints” sheet.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the 20th of every month. You have a grace period of 3 days. If rent is turned in after the 23rd of the month, it is late. If you are going to have trouble getting your rent in on time, call the office before it is due and we will work something out. Communication is key! If you keep in touch with us and let us know what is going on (BEFORE rent is due), we are willing to work with you and give you more time.  Rent checks may be placed through the mail slot in the door at the office.  Mail slot is available 24/7. Only 1 check is accepted from the group. Indiviudal payments may be made through our online payment portal (convenience fee applies).

How do I inform you of a repair that needs to be done in my apartment?
To report a repair go to www.deanbrunner.com and click on the repairman icon or you may come to the office to fill out a Repair Request.  If there is an emergency (example: fire, water that won't turn off, toilet overflowing or something that must be taken care of NOW), call the office right away. If we are not in the office, please listen to and follow instructions on the answering machine. An emergency number will be provided. 

My garbage disposal stopped working, what do I do?
If your garbage disposal stops working: First, TURN IT OFF, then stick a broom handle down the sink and gently turn the blades to free up whatever is clogging it and dispose of it in the trash. Also, underneath the disposal is a reset button that sometimes needs to be pushed to start it working again. If none of these things work, send in a repair request and we will have a plumber come out to fix it.  Reminder: the garbage disposal is only for small remaining bits of food. Dumping large amounts of food (especially pasta or rice) down the garbage disposal will cause it to stop working. Make sure plates are scraped into the trash prior to placing in the sink.

My toilet is clogged, what do I do?
DO NOT continue to flush the toilet if the bowl is full.  It will overflow. If the toilet gets backed up, plunge it first and let it sit for 1 hour then try again. If it does not clear the line, then file a repair request with the office.  (It is a good idea to purchase a plunger to have on hand). DO NOT flush Tampons down the toilet. They do not dissolve which may cost you in plumbing bills to clear the line. Hair is the main cause of tub/shower clogs. Remove it, do not wash it down the drain. DO NOT USE DRANO! 

Common Questions During Moveouts - please see "common questions during moveouts" on our "forms" page

ALERT! The frequent use of candles/incense and string lights causes smoke damage to walls & ceilings resulting in charge to security deposit due to extra cleaning and/or painting that must be done.

Security Deposit Refund
Security deposit refund checks will be mailed out 3 weeks (21 days) after the end of the lease term or after apartment is vacated and keys are returned. (whichever is later)